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Fox Coffee 4 - That Warm September Feeling by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee 4 - That Warm September Feeling :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 5 2 Gen 2 Favs - Reshiram, Quilava, Torracat (Fire) by Pikachugirl345 Gen 2 Favs - Reshiram, Quilava, Torracat (Fire) :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 13 2 Pokefusion - Farkazam by Pikachugirl345 Pokefusion - Farkazam :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 5 0 Fox Coffee 3 - Incoming Irma by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee 3 - Incoming Irma :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 3 3 Pokefusion - Cubachu by Pikachugirl345 Pokefusion - Cubachu :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 12 2 Fox Coffee 2 - Autumn Is Coming by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee 2 - Autumn Is Coming :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 5 1 Fox Coffee 1 - A New Life Ahead by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee 1 - A New Life Ahead :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 4 0 Fox Coffee comic logo by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee comic logo :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 4 0 Fox Coffee - Comic series coming soon! by Pikachugirl345 Fox Coffee - Comic series coming soon! :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 8 5 Hypnotised - Happy belated birthday, Ninja! by Pikachugirl345 Hypnotised - Happy belated birthday, Ninja! :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 2 3 Happy Late Birthday Rio! by Pikachugirl345 Happy Late Birthday Rio! :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 3 2 Does whatever a spider can by Pikachugirl345 Does whatever a spider can :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 4 1 Am-thor-os by Pikachugirl345 Am-thor-os :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 7 0 Black n' Green by Pikachugirl345 Black n' Green :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 8 5 Frost Week: Adult Frost the Garchomp by Pikachugirl345 Frost Week: Adult Frost the Garchomp :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 8 0 Frost Week: Mega Frost by Pikachugirl345 Frost Week: Mega Frost :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 11 0


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Warrior Kitty
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hi there! Pikachugirl345 here, I'm currently 18 years old, and welcome to my profile!

What to expect in my gallery: Granted that drawing people is very hard for me, I have many drawings of animals and Pokemon! I also have some Sonic art, though it's not very often since Sonic characters are pretty difficult to draw as well. I will probably have some Smash Bros art here from time-to-time.

Check me out on Fan Fanfiction and Tumblr!…


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Fox Coffee 4 - That Warm September Feeling
And yet when they do start to play on the radio, I still listen to them anyway. Sans Derp Face Jacksepticeye 

~ Warrior Kitty ~
Gen 2 Favs - Reshiram, Quilava, Torracat (Fire)
Hey guys, Warrior Kitty here back with the return of my Favorite Pokémon of each type, colored in the Gen 2 color palette! Yay! Eddsworld 

So enjoy my fav fire-types Reshiram, Quilava, and Torracat! Reshiram emote  Quilava  726 Torracat 

~ Warrior Kitty ~
Pokefusion - Farkazam
Hey guys, Warrior Kitty here with another Pokefusion, this time a new that's a combination of Farfetch'd and Alakazam!

That's sort of it for now, so I hope you guys enjoy this Farkazam! Farfetch'd  pokemon gif Alakazam 

~ Warrior Kitty ~
Hey guys, Warrior Kitty here with some...updates, I guess you can say, with what's even happening anymore and what I've been attempting to work on as of recently! 

Firstly, I wanna apologize with not a lot of activity as of recently, in with posting pictures and especially fan fics. I'm still faced with the issue of overflow of ideas and finding it difficult to focus on just one. That, and also I've been trying to deal with some personal issues. Buut, I'll be flying out to California next week, so hopefully I'll have some motivation and time to catch up on things. 

Anyways, since now that that has been said, let's get to the things that I have planned!  

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green 

 Bullet; White Frost Week - I realllly apologize for only posting like, two pics for Frost Week. I had ideas for other pics planned, but my mind just went elsewhere and I had no idea what the hell happened. But I will do it justice! Mabel Victory Icon  I'm currently drawing out the rest of the pics that I had planned for Frost Week and once I have them all done, I will post them all in one huge Frost spam, so be on the look out! 

Bullet; White Smash Rescuers: Gates of Space-Time - Now let's talk fan fics. Reguarding the Smash Rescuers AU that I talked about in the past and the rebooted fan fics, I've decided to change things up a bit. I plan on posting the AU first before I start posting the rebooted fan fics. The reason for that, will be introduced in the story itself! ;) I had posted the preview a little while back. 
Smash Rescuers spin-off AU preview!!{ This is a preview for a future Smash Bros fan fiction in the works } 
Smash Rescuers spin-off AU preview
A vast amount of sticky, melted butter flowed right out of the dispenser and onto the popcorn that filled the bucket. 
It was another seemingly calm evening in Smashville and the Smashers had decided to spend it by seeing a movie. The theater was bustling as both citizens and Smashers moved about to purchase their tickets and collect their snacks. Of course, this was to be expected for a busy summer evening. While everyone moved about in the theater's lobby, the butter dispenser continued to pour out the melted substance onto the popcorn that Pichu held. As this happened, Yoshi only simply stood and watched as the little Pokemon continuously pressed down on the button with seemingly no intention to stop anytime soon. 
"....Don't you think you're adding a bit too much butter?" The dino finally asked after a moment of silence. 
  I'm sorry I still have yet to post anything yet of the actual story, but I will be focusing on that soon, but for now I'm putting it to the side for another thing, which segways into..... 

Bullet; White Cupid For Hire - Yeah, anyone remember that Smash Bros Valentine's day story that I started back in February, posted like two chapters of it, and never finished it? yeah me neither Anyways, I too apologize for not continuing "Cupid For Hire." In a similar situation with Frost Week, my mind just went somewhere else and I just didn't get back on it. Welp, guess what? I'm gonna to continue it! Oh Tanaka  I've decided to give myself a rule that from now on, I leave no story unfinished, and that applies to an old holiday fic that I wrote six months ago, incorrect holiday seasons be damned! CURSE YOU!  I even have a small, little preview of the next chapter if anyone wants to see it! 

Cupid For Hire - Ch 3 preview 
Chapter 3 
"So, how do you guys think this Valentine's day will go?" Fox asked curiously.
He, Falco, Link, and Ike were all walking down one of the mansion's many hallways. Earlier, they had been informed by Pikachu that they were to help find out what restaurants were available for possible diner outings for any Smashers that chose to do so. Knowing this task, the four were making their way toward the kitchen.
"If it's anything like last year," Ike replied to the pilot's question. "It'll be a total disaster." 
"Oh come on, I didn't think it was that bad." Link said to the mercenary.
"Link, the entire party room caught fire." Ike replied with a deadpanned expression.
"Well yeah, that did happen, but to be fair how was Shulk supposed to know that those lights were a fire hazard?"
"The fact that the cake was also under cooked and half of the kids threw up all over the place doesn't help either." Falco spoke up. 
Link was quiet as he let his words
  Here are also the previous two chapters if anyone wants to catch up on the story!  Cupid For Hire - Ch 1{ This is a Super Smash Bros fan fiction } 
Cupid For Hire
Chapter 1
The beeping of a scanner sounded rhythmically as a Toad scanned several items in front of the grocery store cash register. Once he had finished wringing all of the items the next customer came up, who was a young Pichu that we were all too familiar with.
"Hello. How are you doing today?" The Toad asked politely. 
"Been better." The young Smasher replied, putting forth her items for him to scan. The Toad wrung up her items, one a Valentine's pack consisting of a box of chocolate and a card for a brother, and three packs consisting of a baggie of various candies and cookies and cards for friends. The final item that rolled up was a large heat-shaped box of chocolate with words on the cover that said "Be Mine." After scanning it and putting the others in plastic bags, the Toad looked up at Pichu with a knowing smile. 
"That for a special someone?" He asked, trying to spark up a friendl
  Cupid For Hire - Ch 2{ This is a Super Smash Bros fan fiction } 
Chapter 2
Ever so slowly, a doorknob twisted and a door was pushed open. Pichu and Pit peered into Palutena's, Rosalina's, and Wii Fit Trainer's room. Lucky for them, all three women were not present, leaving it empty and quiet. The two crept inside and quietly closed the door behind them.
"So where are the arrows?" Pichu asked in anticipation.
"Well, when Palutena wants to make sure no one get's a hold of banned item, she keeps them with her and locked away in the place she's currently residing in so she can keep an eye on them." Pit answered with a grin. "She only let's the people she deeply trusts know about it." His grin then started to melt into a sullen frown. "In which, I'm about to betray that trust..."
Pichu looked up at him and lowered her ears a bit. "Hey." She spoke up. "If Palutena finds out about this, I'll take full blame and say I broke in and took the arrows. It's the least I can do." Pit gave her a grateful smile

Bullet; White Commissions - Hoooo boy, now this is something that I have been having a mental debate with myself for two months now. I will admit that I have played with the idea of doing art commissions, but I am extremely unsure about it. I most started to think about it because I'm still in the process of trying to find myself a job so I can at the very least raise enough money to help pay to apply to a college. I.....still have yet to be accepted anywhere.....So I figured to could do commissions in the meantime to raise some money until I get a job. HOWEVER, if I do decide to do commissions, I'll probably start out only doing them for Deviant Art points so I can get used to the process and because I do not trust myself with other people's money just yet.  

Here's the thing though, I am very unsure if I even want to do this because again, I don't trust myself with money that's not mine and I'm still fuzzy with how the whole commissions process works. This is just an idea that I have played with and I don't even know if I will do it or not. I guess we'll just see what the future brings. 

Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue 

 Aaand, that just about ends it with updates on what is going on with myself and what I have planned for the near future. 

That's about it for now, so I'll be seeing you guys later! Take care! Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1]  

~ Warrior Kitty ~ 


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